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Shenzhen HUIHE Circuits Co., Ltd. is a professional PCB manufacturer. Since the factory opened in 2012, HUIHE Circuits has passed ISO9001, IATF16949, ISO13485, OHSAS18001, UL, RoHS, REACH and other management system certifications and product inspections. It has 20+ professional technical development teams, multiple high-precision production equipment, testing equipment and fully functional physical and chemical laboratories.

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  • PCB Prototyping
  • 97% on-time delivery ratio. Customer service response within 20h. A Class base material, Kingboard, Shengyi, Rogers, Arlon, etc. Famous Solder mask ink, Taiyo, Guangxin.
  • High Volume PCB
  • Wholly-owned factory. Monthly production capacity: 35000 sqm. Factory area: 12000 sqm. Engineer


  • 10+
    More than 10 years of production experience
  • 20 +
    20 +
    Technical team
  • 12000
    Area of the factory
  • 35000
    Total monthly production

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Customer Testimonials

  • MR James
    MR James
    The PCB has received it. The customer service attitude is very good. I have also called to confirm the problems on the PCB files. I am very attentive! The customer service is very serious and patient. I have to deal with it during off hours. Thank you very much! It's fast, too!
  • Mr Pitt
    Mr Pitt
    The quality of the board is good, the screen printing is clear, the pad is solid, the quality and speed are as good as before, the processing technology is very good, if there is any problem in the engineering production and processing, the feedback will be timely, and the packaging is very careful and tight.
  • Miss Windsor
    Miss Windsor
    It's so fast to process the documents. Before, I used to make PCB in Shenzhen factory. Now it's replaced by Huihe. The circuit is made with fine workmanship, no defects, no open circuit, no short circuit, clear silk screen text, after-sales service guarantee, reliable manufacturer. After packing, the board is not damaged.

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Contact Huihe Circuits at em01@huihepcb.com or at +86 13751177644 to get complete solutions for your PCB fab requirements!

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    Development History of PCB Board Since the birth of PCB board, it has developed for more than 70 years. In the development process of more than 70 years, PCB has undergone some important changes, which has promoted the rapid development of PCB and made it rapidly applied to various fields. Throug...
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    China has formed a relatively mature electronic information industry chain, and has the manufacturing advantages such as broad domestic demand market, manpower cost and investment policy, attracting a large number of foreign capital enterprises to shift their production focus to Chinese mainland....
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  • PCB reduction process

    Historically, the reduction method, or etching process, was developed later, but today it is most widely used. The substrate must contain a metal layer, and when the unwanted parts are removed all that is left is the conductor pattern. By printing or photographing all exposed copper is selectivel...
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    1. Layer Printed Circuit Board(PCB) layer is divided into copper layer and non-copper layer, commonly said a few layers of board is to show the layer number of copper layer. Generally, welding pads and lines are placed on the copper coating to complete the electrical connection. Place element de...
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